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Model Ferrari FXXK-EVO DIE CAST Bianco Italia Metal

Model Ferrari FXXK-EVO DIE CAST Bianco Italia Metal

390,00 €

Kovový Zberateľský model Ferrari FXXK. Auto ktoré kúpite a nevlastníte. Ale zberateľ si radosť môže urobiť a mať doma presnú kópiu tohto modelu Ferrari FXXK. Vyrobených je len 70kusov.  Možnosť otvárať dvere a motorovú časť.

This model car is made of metal, with doors and bonnet that can be opened.
A long engineering study was carried out for these openings parts.
The rear bonnet has a faithful opening, without stops that end up on the roof, like all other brands.
This small difference is a great innovation for making steel molds.
The closure of the engine bonnet is faithful to the original closure.
The rear mobile wing has also been replicated, which after a certain speed exits from the car to balance the aerodynamic load.
With a double pressure of the hand it is possible to extract it from its seat.
Super detailed interiors
The color of the car is Metallic Italian white
Models are sold on carbon bases with FXXK Evo write made in steel.


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